Wills, Trusts, Probate

Everything you need at one locations.   Wills for Individuals or couples. Estate planning and Trusts. If needed Probate of an estate.

Chapter 7 & 12 Bankruptcy

Over 30 Years experience keeping people out of bankruptcy. Or if needed helping people reorganize their financial situation with he use of bankruptcy.

Notary and Oil & Gas

In house Notary for documents including Oil and Gas Leases.  Review of Leases or other documents related to your land.


Representing Farmers and Individuals

Joey Schmidt, Attorney is here to help answer your questions regarding lawsuits, estate planning, oil & gas leases, etc.

Next Steps...

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Before Bankruptcy you will need to take the Consumer Credit Counseling.  Chapter 7 Bankruptcies also require a Financial Management Course within 30 days of your hearing.  Below are some options for taking your courses:

Link to    Just one of many consumer credit counseling services required for bankruptcy.